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Easter 2020 Term Card

Easter 2020 Term Card

Although many of us will not be in Cambridge this term, CUVS still has lots to offer:

Friday 24th April 5:30pm Vet Yoga CUVS with Katie Bland Zoom – check FB event for more details!

Monday 27th April 8:30pm Cocktail (not-so-master) Class CUVS Live on Instagram @cuvetsoc

Wednesday 29th April 6:30pm UK Vet School: Virtual Pub Quiz CUVS Live on Instagram @cuvetsoc

Thursday 30th April 11am Osteoarthritis CUVS Talk: Chris Pennelegion (Elanco) Zoom – check FB event for more details!

Monday 4th May 8:30pm Cocktail (not-so-master) Class CUVS Live on Instagram @cuvetsoc

Thursday 14th May 4pm Ants to Zebrafish – An Alphabet of Animal Eyes CUVS Talk: Dr David Williams Panopto – check FB event for more details!

Thursday 4th June 7pm Q&A with Julian Norton, TV’s ‘The Yorkshire Vet’. See weekly e-mail for Zoom details.

Lent 2020 Term Card

Lent 2020 Term Card

Take a look at what we’ve got planned for this term:

15th January: Managing the Patient with Osteoarthritis and Obesity – Hills’

25th January: Careers & EMS Day

Speakers will be talking about CV writing, job interviews, specialisation, working in emergency medicine, the Army and the Government. Colin Whiting, a former referral orthopaedic surgeon will be speaking about how to succeed as a new grad and how to overcome common obstacles in primary practice

29th January: Graduate Academy and EMS at Independent VetCare – Samantha Duffy

5th February: LGBT+in the Veterinary Profession Talk

12th February: Welfare and Veterinary Issues Surrounding the Dangerous Dogs Act – Peter Madden, Dangerous Dogs Advisor for the police

19th February: Talk by Pen Farthing from Nowzad, a charity in Afghanistan providing shelter and veterinary care

26th February: Talk by a rep from theLinneaus group, topic TBC

2nd March: Keith Entwistle Memorial Lecture & Dinner

Dr. Emma Milne,TV vet, author, animal welfare enthusiast and founder of Vets Against Brachycephalismwill be speaking about breeding extreme conformation in animals and how it has influenced her career choices

13th March: Dinner Dance

Michaelmas 2019 Term Card

Michaelmas 2019 Term Card

Have a look at what’s coming up this term!

9th October: ‘Beneficial Bacteria or Dysbiosis and Disease: what is the microbiota and why is it relevant to our patients?’ – Gemma Ives, Protexin

13th October: Vet sports, 11am on Parker’s Piece

15th October: Freshers’ Bar Craw

16th October: ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ – sponsored by Tails

18th October: Cherry Party

23rd October: Lunchtime talk – VetsGoWild

Evening talk – Martin Barrow, Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices

30th October: ‘Confused About Raw Feeding: a review of the pros, cons and evidence base’ – Sean McCormack, Tails

13th November: Parasitology talk – Teen Presnail, Boehringer

20thNovember CUVS +CUVZS: ‘A Career in Exotic and Zoo Medicine’ – William Lewis, Medivet

3rd-5th December: Panto!

Easter 2019 Termcard

Easter 2019 Termcard

Take a look at our termcard to see what Cambridge’s veterinary societies have lined up for Easter term!

19-24th April: University of Thessaly students in Cambridge for the IVSA Exchange (come and meet the Greek students from 9pm on the 23rd April at Clare Cellars, followed by Glitterbomb)

27th April CFAVS: Scanning day (Current 5th years only)

1st May CUVS: ‘Employment Opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK’ – Aisling Todd, Vetlink

22nd May CUVS: ‘The Art and Science of an End of Life Consult’ – Phil Franklin, QVSH intern

14th June: CUVS BBQ

20th June CUVZS: Garden Party

29th June: Graduation Ball

Keith Entwistle Memorial Lecture 2016

Keith Entwistle Memorial Lecture 2016


The Keith Entwistle Memorial Lecture was held on the 26th February, with Doug Allan speaking about his experiences as a renowned wildlife cameraman who has been at the head of some of the top BBC documentaries, including The Blue Planet, Planet Earth, Life, Human Planet and Frozen Planet. It was a fantastic event and we were all gripped listening to his stories of filming humpback whales, polar bears and their cubs in the Arctic and weddle seals in the Antarctic! Thank you so much to Doug for travelling to come speak to us, you have inspired us all!


Welfare Lunch

Welfare Lunch

CUVS are putting on a FREE WELFARE LUNCH for all clinical years this Friday!

A lovely speaker from VetLife will be coming to give us a short talk about what they do for the vet profession, and there will also be a bake sale (yay cake!) so bring your pennies along so we can support their amazing work.


Where?: LT2

When?: This Friday (26th)

What time?: 12:45pm for lunch and cake, 1pm for the talk

Also please keep filling in the welfare survey to let CUVS know how you feel about the vet school, the support offered and what you would like to see done about it:
Vets vs Medics Sports Weekend 2016

Vets vs Medics Sports Weekend 2016

After an epic weekend of vet vs medic sport the scores are in and the vets have smashed it again, thoroughly beating the medics and continuing our vets vs medics sports day winning streak! Thanks to everyone who played, we had a great win!

Mixed Hockey: 3-1 to the vets

Mixed Football: 4-6 to the medics

Tennis: Men’s singles 7-5 to the vets

Tennis: Women’s singles 6-3 to the vets

Mixed Lacrosse: 0-2 to the medics

Ladies Netball: 14-7 to the vets

Mixed Netball: medics conceded  and a friendly match was played: vets won

Squash: 2-1 to the vets

Badminton: we conceded so the medics won

Rugby: vets won!

Overall: a cracking win for the vets, beating the medics in 7 sports and only defeated in 3

Dinner Dance 2016

Dinner Dance 2016

The Cambridge University Veterinary Society are delighted to invite you to the CUVS Annual Dinner Dance 2016. Walk down the red carpet and join us for “A Night At The Oscars” at the Cambridge Guildhall on Friday the 4th of March.

The evening will begin with a champagne reception on the Guildhall Balcony from 6.15pm, followed by a three course Black-Tie dinner in the Large Hall. We are excited to announce an incredible post-dinner line-up of Cambridge Footlights Smoker stand-up comedians, Cambridge Jazz/Funk band Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble, followed by a DJ set from Strawberries and Creem veteran Frazer Robinson until 1.30am. Oscar themed cocktails and other drinks deals will be provided by a La Raza bar throughout the night in the adjacent Small Hall.

Drinking tickets will include a glass of champagne and half a bottle of red or white wine with dinner.

CUVS Members: £50 Drinking  // £45 Non-Drinking

CUVS Non-Members: £54 Drinking // £49 Non-Drinking