Michaelmas 2019 Term Card

Michaelmas 2019 Term Card

Have a look at what’s coming up this term!

9th October: ‘Beneficial Bacteria or Dysbiosis and Disease: what is the microbiota and why is it relevant to our patients?’ – Gemma Ives, Protexin

13th October: Vet sports, 11am on Parker’s Piece

15th October: Freshers’ Bar Craw

16th October: ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ – sponsored by Tails

18th October: Cherry Party

23rd October: Lunchtime talk – VetsGoWild

Evening talk – Martin Barrow, Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices

30th October: ‘Confused About Raw Feeding: a review of the pros, cons and evidence base’ – Sean McCormack, Tails

13th November: Parasitology talk – Teen Presnail, Boehringer

20thNovember CUVS +CUVZS: ‘A Career in Exotic and Zoo Medicine’ – William Lewis, Medivet

3rd-5th December: Panto!

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