Lent Term Card 2021

Lent Term Card 2021

Wed 13th Jan (6pm): CUVS Welfare ‘Top 7 Tips to Ensure You Are Thriving and Not Just Surviving’ – Vets Stay Go Diversify

Mon 18th Jan (7pm): ‘The Itchy Dog’ – Hills

Tues 19th Jan (7pm): CFAVS ‘Transition Cow Management’ – Kate Heller, Elanco

Wed 20th Jan (6pm): CUVS ‘How to Avoid a Bloody Disaster – Anaemia and Transfusion Medicine for Your First Year in Practice – Anna Threlfall, Linnaeus

Thurs 21st Jan (TBC): AVS ‘CV of Failures’ – Josh Slater

Sat 23rd Jan (10am): IVSA ‘Making the Olympics and World Equestrian Games Happen –Biosecurity at International Equestrian Competitions’ – Josh Slater

Mon 25th Jan (7pm): CEVS ‘Life as a Racing Vet’ – Andy Hamilton

Tues 26th Jan (7pm): CFAVS ‘The Path to Sustainable Farming – An Agricultural Transition Plan 2021-2024’ – Becky Briggs

Wed 27th Jan (6pm): CUVS ‘Supporting New Graduates – How Veterinary Telemedicine is Evolving to Specifically Support New Graduates in the Post Covid Period’ – Victoria Johnson, VetCT

Mon 1st Feb (TBC): CEVS ‘The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Feeding’ – Katie Williams, Dengie

Tues 2nd Feb (TBC): CUVS Keith Entwhistle Memorial Lecture – Alison Cronin

Wed 3rd Feb (6pm): CUVS ‘Pheromatherapy and Dog and Cat Behaviour’ – Charlotte Carr, CEVA

Sat 6th Feb (10am-4pm): CUVS Careers Day

Mon 8th Feb (6pm): CEVS Euthanasia Talk – Sara Barker, Dechra

Tues 9th Feb (7pm): CFAVS ‘Sheep Reproduction’ – Tom Searle

Wed 10th Feb (TBC): CUVS ‘The Veterinary Consult – A Day in the Life of a Vet’ – Open Student Talk with Cambridge Veterinary School Clinicians

Thurs 11th Feb (TBC): CUVS Welfare ‘Transitioning to Practice’ – Rosie Allister, Vetlife

Mon 15th Feb (6pm): CEVS ‘Introduction to Vetting Horses During Endurance GB Races’ – Antonia Milner-Matthews

Wed 17th Feb (6pm): CUVS x CUVZS Case Series – Exotic Cases with John Chitty

Mon 22nd Feb (TBC): CEVS ‘How To Do a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment of a Lame Horse’ – Sue Dyson

Wed 24th Feb (7pm): CUVS Case Series – Small Animal Cases with Julian Norton

Mon 1st March (6pm): CEVS ‘Interning in Kentucky’ – Catherine Hollins

Wed 3rd March (6pm): CUVS ‘StreetVet in Cambridge – An Insight’ – Jo Brand

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