CUVS Talks

CUVS Talks

Cambridge University Veterinary Societies Combined Termcard – Michaelmas 2018

All times are for food – talks start 15 minutes later.

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9th October: A practical approach to veterinary fertility visits. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

10th October: I know what you did last summer. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

15th October: Experiences of an FEI vet. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

16th October: Navigating life as a new farm vet. Vet School LT2 @ 5:45pm

18th October: Vets and Wildlife – exciting exotic EMS. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

25th October: Exotic Osteopathy. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

29th October: Title TBC. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

30th October: Life in farm practice. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

31st October: StreetVet – Supporting the homeless and their pets. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

1st November: Red Oak Deer – working with Cervids. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

6th November: Applications of bovine endoscopy. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

8th November: ZSL – life as an Exotic Veterinary Resident. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

9th November: Ophthalmology w/John Beel. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

15th November: Unusual exotic mammals – Husbandry and Diseases. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

22nd November: Exotic Eyes w/David Williams. Boys Smith Room, St John’s College @ 6:15pm26th November: A farrier’s viewpoint on laminitis. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm




Lent Termcard

When? Who? What?

24th January

25th January CFAVS Katie Hovers, AWF ‘Sheep are not stupid’ 

30th January CUVZS Natalie Wissink An Intro to Psittacine Medicine

31st January CEVS Carolin Gerdes, Rossdales Investigating Lameness

2nd February CUVS/CFAVS David Williams Crippled Cows, Hungry Hens, and Sorry Sows *DT*

7th February CUVZS Joanna Hedley, RVC Reptile Anaesthesia

8th February CFAVS Will Garton A Day in the Life of a Poultry Vet

8th February CUVZS TBC

13th February CFAVS Charity Formal and Ceilidh

15th February CEVS Wendy Talbot Gastric Ulcers

19th February CUVS Boehringer Interactive Cases: Seizures in Dogs

21st February CUVZS PRACTICAL – Forensic Pathology Workshop by John & Margaret Cooper

CFAVS Peers Davies TBC

Lent Termcard