Term Card

Term Card

Easter 2022 Term Card


Lent 2022 Term Card

Wed 19th Jan (6pm) CUVS : “The Three ‘Rs’ in Elephant Management”, Dr Stephen
Chege, Wildlife Veterinarian at Reteti Elephant Sanctuary, Kenya.

Thur 20th & Fri 21st Jan (7pm) CUVS: Vet Panto: SHREKBRIDGE. Location: Fitzwilliam Auditorium

Tue 25th Jan (7pm) CFAVS:  “New Grad’ Guide to Goats”, Yasmine Cooper.

Wed 26th Jan (6pm) CUVS : “First Opinion Radiography”, Vicky King, Medivet. 

Sat 29th Jan (10am) CUVZS: Invertebrate Clinical Skills Practical. Location: Teaching Lab 

Mon 31st Jan (6pm) CEVS: Monday 31st January 2022, 6pm: “Managing an Equine Respiratory Disease Outbreak”, Philip Ivens.

Tue 1st Feb (5:30pm) CUVS: Keith Entwistle Memorial Lecture and Dinner

Wed 2nd Feb (6pm) CUVS: “Innovation for Vets”, Dr Greg Dickens, Innovia

Thur 3rd Feb (7pm) CUVZS: Exotics Case Talk

Wed 9th Feb (6pm) CUVS: “Day One Dermatology: Commonly Seen Cases in Primary Care”, Alison Price, Linnaeus.

Sat 12th Feb (10am-4pm) Career’s Day

Wed 16th Feb (6pm) CUVS: “Reading Between the Lines; An Introduction to ECGs in Practice”, Dave Dickson, HeartVets.

Thur 17th Feb (7pm) CUVZS: “Exotic Euthanasia”, Benjamin Kennedy.

Sat 19th Feb (10am) CUVZS:  Rabbit Surgery Practical, Iain Cope

Mon 21st Feb (6pm) CEVS: “Donkey Medicine”, Rachael McKinney

Tue 22nd Feb (TBC) CFAVS: “Is Farm Animal Welfare Being Overlooked in Favour
of Production”, Matt Dobbs, AWF

Wed 23rd Feb (6pm) CUVS x CFAVS  “Things I Wish I Knew Before Graduation”, Pete
O’Malley, Synergy Farm Health

Sat 26th Feb (10am) CUVZS: Alpaca Handling

Thur 3rd March (7pm) CUVZS:  DEBATE: “Are Zoos Fit for Purpose in the 21st Century?”

Thur 3rd March (7pm) CUVZS:  Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary Talk

Sat 6th Mar (all day) CUVZS: Trip to Whipsnade Zoo

Sat 19th Mar (7-11pm) CUVS: Dinner Dance

Michaelmas 2021 Term Card

Sun 10th Oct (11am) Sport’s day – Where? Fitzwilliam Sportgrounds

Sun 10th Oct (2pm) Freshers’ Welcome – Where? Vet School, LT2

Tue 12th Oct (6pm) Fresher’s Pub Crawl – Where? Starting at the Pick

Wed 13th Oct (6pm) CUVS ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’

Fri 15th Oct (6pm) CUVS Cherry Party

Wed 20th Oct (6pm) CUVS “How does Anthropomorphism Affect the Dog-Owner Relationship and What Owners Want?” – Jill McMaster

Wed 27th Oct (6pm) CUVS “Mast cell tumours – the great pretenders – how to find and treat them in practice”- Dr Neil Mottram BVSc BVSc MRCVS

Wed 3rd Nov (6pm) CUVS “Killing them softly: the science and ethics of poultry meat production” – Prof Dorothy McKeegan

Wed 17th Nov (6pm) CUVS Common Neurological Presentations seen in Practice” – Emma Laws BVSc (Hons) DipECVN MRCVS

Lent 2021 Term Card

Wed 13th Jan (6pm): CUVS Welfare ‘Top 7 Tips to Ensure You Are Thriving and Not Just Surviving’ – Vets Stay Go Diversify

Mon 18th Jan (7pm): ‘The Itchy Dog’ – Hills

Tues 19th Jan (7pm): CFAVS ‘Transition Cow Management’ – Kate Heller, Elanco

Wed 20th Jan (6pm): CUVS ‘How to Avoid a Bloody Disaster – Anaemia and Transfusion Medicine for Your First Year in Practice – Anna Threlfall, Linnaeus

Thurs 21st Jan (TBC): AVS ‘CV of Failures’ – Josh Slater

Sat 23rd Jan (10am): IVSA ‘Making the Olympics and World Equestrian Games Happen –Biosecurity at International Equestrian Competitions’ – Josh Slater

Mon 25th Jan (7pm): CEVS ‘Life as a Racing Vet’ – Andy Hamilton

Tues 26th Jan (7pm): CFAVS ‘The Path to Sustainable Farming – An Agricultural Transition Plan 2021-2024’ – Becky Briggs

Wed 27th Jan (6pm): CUVS ‘Supporting New Graduates – How Veterinary Telemedicine is Evolving to Specifically Support New Graduates in the Post Covid Period’ – Victoria Johnson, VetCT

Mon 1st Feb (TBC): CEVS ‘The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Feeding’ – Katie Williams, Dengie

Tues 2nd Feb (TBC): CUVS Keith Entwhistle Memorial Lecture – Alison Cronin

Wed 3rd Feb (6pm): CUVS ‘Pheromatherapy and Dog and Cat Behaviour’ – Charlotte Carr, CEVA

Sat 6th Feb (10am-4pm): CUVS Careers Day

Mon 8th Feb (6pm): CEVS Euthanasia Talk – Sara Barker, Dechra

Tues 9th Feb (7pm): CFAVS ‘Sheep Reproduction’ – Tom Searle

Wed 10th Feb (TBC): CUVS ‘The Veterinary Consult – A Day in the Life of a Vet’ – Open Student Talk with Cambridge Veterinary School Clinicians

Thurs 11th Feb (TBC): CUVS Welfare ‘Transitioning to Practice’ – Rosie Allister, Vetlife

Mon 15th Feb (6pm): CEVS ‘Introduction to Vetting Horses During Endurance GB Races’ – Antonia Milner-Matthews

Wed 17th Feb (6pm): CUVS x CUVZS Case Series – Exotic Cases with John Chitty

Mon 22nd Feb (TBC): CEVS ‘How To Do a Comprehensive Clinical Assessment of a Lame Horse’ – Sue Dyson

Wed 24th Feb (7pm): CUVS Case Series – Small Animal Cases with Julian Norton

Mon 1st March (6pm): CEVS ‘Interning in Kentucky’ – Catherine Hollins

Wed 3rd March (6pm): CUVS ‘StreetVet in Cambridge – An Insight’ – Jo Brand

Michaelmas 2021 Term Card

Tues 6th Oct (7pm): CFAVS “Cattle Reproduction and Case Based Discussion” – Tom Searle

Wed 7th Oct (6pm): CUVS ‘A Whistle-stop Tour of Ocular Emergencies’ – David Williams

Wed 14th Oct (6pm): CUVS ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’

Mon 19th Oct (6pm): CEVS ‘Intro to the Equestrian Disciplines’

Wed 21st Oct (1pm): CUVS Veterinary Marketing Part 1: ‘Marketing Planning in Veterinary Practice’ – Lucy Chadwick, Forte Healthcare

Wed 21st Oct (6pm): CUVS ‘The Importance of Behavioural Medicine in General Veterinary Practice’ – Sarah Heath, Behavioural Referrals

Mon 26th Oct (6pm): CEVS ‘Internships and Making the Most of Your First Few Years in Practice’ – Sandy Shanklin

Tues 27th Oct (6pm): CUVS x CFAVS Case Series – Farm Cases with Jon Goodson

Wed 28th Oct (6pm): CUVS ‘Otitis Externa’ – Chris Pennelegion, Elanco Animal Health

Mon 2nd Nov (6pm): CEVS ‘Obesity – Feeding Tips and Tricks’ – Dengie

Tues 3rd Nov (6pm): Hills Talk on Nutrition

Wed 4th Nov (1pm): CUVS Veterinary Marketing Part 2: ‘Digital Marketing Tools in Veterinary Practice’ – Lucy Chadwick, Forte Healthcare

Wed 4th Nov (6pm): CUVS ‘How Nutraceuticals Can Help to Maintain Hepatic Health in Dogs and Cats’ – Jackie Marshall, VetPlus

Mon 9th Nov (6pm): CEVS ‘The Racing Industry Explained’ – Ed Walker

Wed 11th Nov (6pm): CUVS x CEVS Case Series – Equine Cases with Ashley Baker

Mon 16th Nov (6pm): CEVS ‘Embryo Transfer’ – Prof Pat McCue

Wed 18th Nov (6pm): CUVS ‘Managing the Arthritic Patient’ – Lucy Chadwick, Forte Healthcare

Mon 23rd Nov (6pm): CUVS Case Series – Small Animal Cases

Wed 25th Nov (6pm): CUVS ‘Setting up a Conservation Project in Indonesia’ – Jane Hopper, Wildlife Vets International

Easter 2020 Term Card

30th April: Osteoarthritis with Chris Pennelegion, Elanco

14th May: Ants to Zebrafish – An Alphabet of Animal Eyes with Dr David Williams

4th June: Q&A with Julian Norton (‘The Yorkshire Vet’)

Lent 2020 Term Card

15th January: Managing the Patient with Osteoarthritis and Obesity – Hills’

25th January: Careers & EMS Day

Speakers will be talking about CV writing, job interviews, specialisation, working in emergency medicine, the Army and the Government. Colin Whiting, a former referral orthopaedic surgeon will be speaking about how to succeed as a new grad and how to overcome common obstacles in primary practice

29th January: Graduate Academy and EMS at Independent VetCare – Samantha Duffy

5th February: LGBT+in the Veterinary Profession Talk

12th February: Welfare and Veterinary Issues Surrounding the Dangerous Dogs Act – Peter Madden, Dangerous Dogs Advisor for the police

19th February: Talk by Pen Farthing from Nowzad, a charity in Afghanistan providing shelter and veterinary care

26th February: Talk by a rep from theLinneaus group, topic TBC

2nd March: Keith Entwistle Memorial Lecture & Dinner

Dr. Emma Milne,TV vet, author, animal welfare enthusiast and founder of Vets Against Brachycephalismwill be speaking about breeding extreme conformation in animals and how it has influenced her career choices

13th March: Dinner Dance

Michaelmas 2019 Term Card

9th October: ‘Beneficial Bacteria or Dysbiosis and Disease: what is the microbiota and why is it relevant to our patients?’ – Gemma Ives, Protexin

13th October: Vet sports, 11am on Parker’s Piece

15th October: Freshers’ Bar Crawl

16th October: ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ – sponsored by Tails

18th October: Cherry Party

23rd October: Lunchtime talk – VetsGoWild

Evening talk – Martin Barrow, Federation of Independent Veterinary Practices

30th October: ‘Confused About Raw Feeding: a review of the pros, cons and evidence base’ – Sean McCormack, Tails

13th November: Parasitology talk – Teen Presnail, Boehringer

20thNovember CUVS +CUVZS: ‘A Career in Exotic and Zoo Medicine’ – William Lewis, Medivet

3rd-5th December: Panto!

Easter 2019 Term card

19-24th April: University of Thessaly students in Cambridge for the IVSA Exchange (come and meet the Greek students from 9pm on the 23rd April at Clare Cellars, followed by Glitterbomb)

27th April CFAVS: Scanning day (Current 5th years only)

1st May CUVS: ‘Employment Opportunities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK’ – Aisling Todd, Vetlink

22nd May CUVS: ‘The Art and Science of an End of Life Consult’ – Phil Franklin, QVSH intern

14th June: CUVS BBQ

20th June CUVZS: Garden Party

29th June: Graduation Ball

Lent 2019 Term card

All times are for food with talks starting 15 minutes later unless stated.

CUVZS       CEVS     CFAVS       CUVS

28th January: Professor Derek Knottenbelt – Cancers of the Horse. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

30th January: Vets’ Dilemmas Debate Evening w/One Health Society. Vet School LT1, begins at 5pm

31st January: Nathalie Wissink-Argilaga – Unusual Exotic Mammals: husbandry, diagnosis and common diseases in degus, skunks, meerkats and coatis. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

5th February: Speaker TBC – Immunity Genomics. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

6th February: John Taylor – Independent Vet Practice in the Era of Corporates. Vet School LT2, time TBC

9th February: Careers Day
11th February: Jon Currell – An Introduction to Farriery and Laminitis. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

12th February: Kaz Strycharczyk – Sucklers and Sheep for the new graduate: Beefing up your practice profile. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

20th February: Liz Walker – Cardiology. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

28th February: Jonathan Sleeman – Safeguarding Wildlife and Ecosystem Health: The Role of the National Wildlife Health Centre. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

4th March: Rosie Naylor – NSAIDs in Equine Medicine. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

5th March: Keith Entwistle Memorial Lecture 2019. St John’s College, Old Divinity School, Lecture starts at6pm

6th March: Andrew Routh – Southeast Asia’s Vultures: Can We Bring Them Back? Vet School LT2 @ 12:30pm

13th March: Rob Williams – ‘The Importance of Making Mistakes’ and Other Tips for New Grads. VetSchool LT2 @ 6:15pm

Michaelmas 2018 Term card

All times are for food – talks start 15 minutes later.

Colour Code:            CUVZS      CEVS       CFAVS       CUVS

9th October: A practical approach to veterinary fertility visits. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

10th October: I know what you did last summer. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

15th October: Experiences of an FEI vet. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

16th October: Navigating life as a new farm vet. Vet School LT2 @ 5:45pm

18th October: Vets and Wildlife – exciting exotic EMS. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

25th October: Exotic Osteopathy. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

29th October: Title TBC. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

30th October: Life in farm practice. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

31st October: StreetVet – Supporting the homeless and their pets. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

1st November: Red Oak Deer – working with Cervids. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

6th November: Applications of bovine endoscopy. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

8th November: ZSL – life as an Exotic Veterinary Resident. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

9th November: Ophthalmology w/John Beel. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

15th November: Unusual exotic mammals – Husbandry and Diseases. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

22nd November: Exotic Eyes w/David Williams. Boys Smith Room, St John’s College @ 6:15pm26th November: A farrier’s viewpoint on laminitis. Vet School LT2 @ 6:15pm

Lent 2018 Term card

25th January CFAVS Katie Hovers, AWF ‘Sheep are not stupid’ 

30th January CUVZS Natalie Wissink An Intro to Psittacine Medicine

31st January CEVS Carolin Gerdes, Rossdales Investigating Lameness

2nd February CUVS/CFAVS David Williams Crippled Cows, Hungry Hens, and Sorry Sows *DT*

7th February CUVZS Joanna Hedley, RVC Reptile Anaesthesia

8th February CFAVS Will Garton A Day in the Life of a Poultry Vet

8th February CUVZS TBC

13th February CFAVS Charity Formal and Ceilidh

15th February CEVS Wendy Talbot Gastric Ulcers

19th February CUVS Boehringer Interactive Cases: Seizures in Dogs

21st February CUVZS PRACTICAL – Forensic Pathology Workshop by John & Margaret Cooper

CFAVS Peers Davies TBC