EMS Funding

EMS Funding


You’ve either arrived here just because you were bored and were browsing the CUVS web page, or because you are looking for some money to help you with your holiday EMS. Whichever it is, do keep reading…

Below is a link to a database which was made for your benefit as a first port of call when looking for potential FUNDING FOR EMS.

It is a list of possible sources (with relevant information and links). Most of this funding is for students in their clinical years, but pre-clins it’s always worth a look. The list is quite large but is by no means exhaustive, and is open for addition. All information was correct at the time of writing (January 2014).


Katheryn Ayres will send out emails regarding some of these opportunities throughout the year.

If you have any questions then she is your best port of call. If you have any more sources of funding, or if any of the information is incorrect then please contact the CUVS.

This information is thanks to Chris, our 2013-2014 Pastoral Rep 🙂