The International Veterinary Students’ Association (IVSA) is the largest veterinary students association – a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation run by volunteer veterinary students from around the world.

Its aim is to improve the standard of veterinary education internationally through the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture.

IVSA has over 40,000 members all over the world. Each university can be a local chapter on its own or part of a national member orginisation (MO), which just includes all the universities in that country. As students of Cambridge you are all members of local chapter, IVSA Cambridge. IVSA UK & Ireland, our national MO is a subcommittee of AVS, so AVS pays for IVSA membership, which means you’re automatically an IVSA member.


IVSA UK & Ireland

The national committee of IVSA UK & Ireland is made of 4 members:

  • President – Rosie Herrington (Edinburgh)
    • Oversees activities and opportunities
  • Exchange Officer – Tavishi Pandya (RVC)
    • Coordinator of group exchanges at each university
    • Organises individual exchanges i.e. EMS abroad
  • Promotions Officer – Vicky Kwok (Cambridge)
    • Runs the social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), these are joint with AVS (see AVS section)
  • Veterinary Public Health Officer – Laura Turner (Liverpool)
    • Chairs the One Health Conference


There are also 2 reps at each university who are in charge of running group exchanges. For IVSA Cambridge, they are Rebecca Williams (rjw228) and Sze Lynn Yuen (sly27) who are your senior and junior reps respectively. We also have our IVSA Cambridge exchange rep, Nessa Tsang (vct25)!


For more information of this year’s group exchange details see our Facebook page: IVSA Cambridge (www.facebook.com/IVSACambridge/)

If you would like to organise an individual exchange (i.e. EMS abroad) please contact Tavishi (eoivsauk@gmail.com).


IVSA Global

IVSA Global is run by the core executive committee of 8 students with their 12 secretaries. The 6 Trust advises them. There are also chairs of IVSA standing committees. These are all vet students who were elected at Congress (Symposium for President). They are involved with:

  • Development Fund – the charity arm of IVSA that raise money at Congress and Symposium for other vet schools, and offer grants and scholarships
  • Standing Committees and Working Groups – on animal welfare, one health, veterinary education, wellness, alumni and policy making
  • Collaborations with global associations – this allows IVSA members to attend global events as volunteers, and access to grants and scholarships

For more information about IVSA Global see their website (www.ivsa.org)


How to get involved?

Every year, the IVSA Congress (summer) and Symposium (winter) are held at different countries. Entirely organised by students, this is a great way to meet people from other vet schools and have a fun time! Applications for the next Congress in Croatia 2019 (July 21st – August 2nd) will be early next year so keep your eyes peeled on the AVS Facebook page.


Whether you want to do some EMS abroad, see another vet school on a group exchange or simply have fun and meet vet students from across the world at annual Congress/Symposium, IVSA has something for everyone!