Merial Product Launch, 5days and counting until BBQ AND Vet Arrrrmada!

If you didnt get a chance to see what they lovely folk from Merial were up to with us last Monday then head over to our ENTS page for a quick summary!

Its only 5 days until the Summer BBQ, you by now will have seen our countless FB posts and emails (but just incase, here’s the link again Tomorrow is the absolute last chance to get yourself a ticket! Cheques to James or Harriet OR bank transfer (see the membership page) Dont miss out, we have a paddling pool!

Final note for today is the Vet Armada! Our annual tradition of taking to the high seas (or the River Cam at least) will be happening next Monday (16th June). Come dressed in your piratey/animal-y best and test out your punting skills! We will try our hardest to avoid anyone falling in (we wouldn’t want any Lepto/VPH related disasters now would we 😉 ) Once again follow the FB link for more info (

Keep your eyes on our events Calendar for all the exciting bits and pieces lined up into the start of next term!

Much love and happy summers filled with EMS,

Your CUVS committee x xx